Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What You Need to Know

Here are some common questions we hear from applicants and students.

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When should I submit my application?

We accept applications on a rolling basis, so you can submit your application at any time. We offer four programme start points (with corresponding application deadlines) each year.

View upcoming start points and deadlines.

Do I need to submit references?

We do not require any references; however, if you feel a reference will strengthen your application, contact your admissions counsellor for next steps. 

How long will it take to complete my degree?

The academic year is split into two half-year study sessions, each containing 20 weeks of learning. Students wishing to complete their degree in three years typically enrol in two full courses (or equivalent) per study session (the equivalent of four full courses each year). 

We encourage students to study and examine at least three full courses per academic year to complete degree requirements within four years. You do have the option to complete your programme in as many as six years.

What can I expect from the online learning experience? 

Our people-centric approach to online learning blends high-quality academic content with seamless access. You will:

  • Participate in live, online sessions that bring you face-to-face with class teachers and students. Hosted via HD streaming video, these engaging, live sessions enable you to collaborate in real time and reinforce what you’ve learned.
  • Complete interactive course materials – like videos, interactive quizzes and case studies – between live sessions. Your course content is available via tablet, mobile and desktop devices, so you can access it anywhere and complete it at your pace.
  • Track your progress via your programme dashboard, a centralised resource that displays upcoming assignments, course materials, links to your next live session and more.

Read more about the online experience.

What kind of support can I expect? 

We support you from the moment you request information through to your graduation.

  • As an applicant, you’ll have the option to work with a dedicated admissions counsellor who can provide personalised application guidance and navigate issues specific to your circumstances, challenges and goals.
  • When you enrol, we will pair you with a student success advisor who will meet with you regularly to help you track your degree progress, anticipate scheduling challenges and balance financial, professional and personal priorities.
  • Throughout your programme, we offer 24/7 tech support to ensure you have uninterrupted access to your courses, assignments and online campus features.

What is the cost of the programme?

Learn more about tuition and programme fees.

Are there any additional fees associated with this degree?

You will need to pay exam fees. Depending on where you sit the exam (online or in an exam centre), fees will apply accordingly.

You may also need to budget for textbooks which could extend to around £300 per year.

If you need to resit a module/course, you must pay a resit fee. The current resit fee for full courses is £346 for a full course, and £173 for a half course.

Student fees are net of any local VAT, Goods and Services Tax (GST) or any other sales tax payable by the student in their country of residence. Where the University is required to add VAT, GST or any other sales tax at the local statutory rate, this will be added to the fees shown during the payment process. For students resident in the UK, our fees are exempt from VAT.

Do you offer scholarships and other forms of financial support?

Yes. You can learn more about available scholarships and other financial support options via these resources:

  • Funding Your StudyRead more about undergraduate loans, scholarships and bursaries, employer sponsorship and other forms of financial support.
  • Alumni Bursary: Graduates of the University of London can enrol on further courses with a bursary of 10 per cent off your programme fees.

For more information, review the Economics, Management, Finance and the Social Sciences (EMFSS) Online Taught Programme Regulations (updated annually).

Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll also have the support of a dedicated student success advisor who can help you navigate questions related to those requirements and regulations.

Are interviews required as part of the application process?

No, we do not conduct interviews. We do, however, encourage applicants to share more about their background and experiences in their personal statement.

Why should I contact my admissions counsellor, and what do they do?

Your admissions counsellor is more than a source of basic programme information: They are your personal resource for questions, concerns and feedback throughout the application process.

Your counsellor can help you:

  • determine how the programme can help you meet your professional goals
  • develop an authentic, substantive and compelling application
  • navigate financial support options and tuition management plans
  • explore the student experience, including live sessions and the online campus
  • access exclusive webinars, information sessions and networking opportunities. 

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