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“Economics is key to modelling and quantifying individual and aggregate behaviour in markets and other social contexts. Harnessing theoretical and empirical insights, you’ll develop the ability to think like a contemporary economist and apply your knowledge in corporate, financial, policy making and research domains.”

Dr Margaret Bray

Francesco Nava
Lecturer in Economics, LSE

How do issues like immigration, employment and inflation influence local, national and global economies? How can we develop policies that effectively promote widespread prosperity, health and happiness? How should we anticipate and react to shifts in global markets?

These are just a few of the important questions economics – which considers how individuals, households, communities and nations allocate scarce resources – can help us address. This interdisciplinary field affects every aspect of our lives, which means professionals who understand economic principles and methodologies bring immense value to the sectors they serve.

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Designed by academics from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) with expertise from the LSE Department of Economics – renowned worldwide for its groundbreaking and transformative economics research – these University of London programmes prepare you to understand the world through the lens of economics.

Online BSc Economics

Explore how the world’s resources are used and distributed, and prepare to work as an economist in industry, academia, finance or government.

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Online BSc Economics and Management

Enhance your analytical and quantitative reasoning skills, and learn how to apply key economic principles to management practice.

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Economics Skills for a Fast-Changing World

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