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Academic Direction from the London School of Economics and Political Science

“Data is everywhere, and collected in ever-increasing amounts and in a variety of forms. The ability to analyse and interpret data is key to unlocking meaningful insights about the world around you and informing decision-making in an increasingly data-driven workplace.”

Professor Fiona Steele,
Head of Department of Statistics, LSE

For institutions, communities and individuals around the world, data science is opening doors. Data has revolutionised ineffective business models, given social scientists new methods to understand human behaviour, powered advances in academic research software, helped healthcare systems extract meaningful insights about patient care and so much more.

In truth, society is still discovering the true potential of this expansive field — and by extension, the tremendous opportunity for aspiring data scientists. With the right knowledge and skills, the next generation of data scientists will be positioned to make powerful contributions at every level of their organisations.

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In addition to technical subjects like mathematics, computer science and statistics, the data science programme emphasises the strategic thinking skills you’ll need to work across functions and disciplines.

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