Online International Relations Programme
from the University of London

Academic Direction from the London School of Economics and Political Science

How do modern states interact, and how do their actions affect the broader international system? How have historical events, policies and relationships shaped our contemporary world order? How do interdisciplinary issues like political economy, nuclear proliferation and climate change undermine or reinforce global security? These are just a few of the questions driving the field of international relations – and by extension, our global future.

Directed by academics from LSE – a world-leading social sciences university – the online international relations programme equips you with a balanced understanding of international theory and the skills to analyse today’s most pressing social, economic and political challenges.

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As a student, you’ll critically engage with contemporary issues and debates in the field of international relations, and learn how to develop insightful, balanced judgements informed by related social science specialisms.

Global Issues, Global Perspective

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