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Online Learning Made Globally Accessible
Online Learning Made Globally Accessible

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Explore Our Programmes
Explore Our Programmes

Designed by leading academics from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), the Online Undergraduate Programmes in Economics, Management, Finance and the Social Sciences from the University of London empower students to navigate a fast-changing world and workplace.

These programmes integrate academic theory and practical knowledge, giving you an interdisciplinary understanding of the challenges that shape global organisations, economies and governments. Whether you’re interested in pursuing further study or advancing your career, you’ll develop the essential skills you need to make a difference in the fields that fascinate you.

BSc Accounting and Finance

Prepare for a range of widely recognised professional accounting accreditations, and learn how to analyse, report on and evaluate financial information.

BSc Business and Management

Cultivate your problem-solving abilities, and learn how to approach complex international business and management issues with a critical, strategic eye.

BSc Data Science and Business Analytics

Use data to analyse and address real-world problems, and hone your knowledge of core technical subjects like statistics, mathematics and computer science.

BSc Economics

Hone your quantitative and logical reasoning skills, and study the economic forces that drive human behaviour, global economies and resource distribution.

BSc Economics and Finance

Develop the quantitative skills and institutional knowledge required to make financial decisions, manage risk and understand market behaviour.

BSc Economics and Management

Apply economic principles, frameworks and methodologies to management practice, and build vital analytical, quantitative and communication skills.

BSc Finance

Focus on specific finance techniques, analytical methods and decision-making strategies, and develop the practical skills to solve real-world finance issues.

BSc International Relations

Critically engage with key theories, concepts and debates in international relations, and explore global challenges like climate change and inequality.

BSc Mathematics and Economics

Build a robust quantitative knowledge-base and learn how to use mathematics and statistics to analyse economic data.

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