Data Science and Business Analytics Programme StructureData Science and Business Analytics Programme StructureData Science and Business Analytics Programme Structure

In this programme, you will build essential technical proficiency in statistics, mathematics and economics. You will then expand on this knowledge and learn to apply analytical techniques to complex data sets in order to confidently solve problems and draw insights from data. This degree programme will prepare you to navigate real-world scenarios at the intersection of business, management and data.

360 Total Credits | As Few as 3 Years of Study

The maximum period of registration for the online undergraduate programme in data science and business analytics is six years. We suggest you aim to complete your programme within three to four years. To complete the programme in as few as three years, students must take the equivalent of four full courses per year.

The table below shows the course sequence for a three-year completion timeline. Full courses are 30 credits and span 20 weeks. Half courses are 15 credits and span 10 weeks.

BSc Data Science and Business Analytics Courses

Year One

  • Mathematical Methods
  • Statistics 1 (half course)
  • Statistics 2 (half course)
  • Introduction to Economics
  • Business and Management in a Global Context

Year Two

  • Programming for Data Science
  • Advanced Statistics: Distribution Theory (half course)
  • Advanced Statistics: Statistical Inference (half course)
  • Abstract Mathematics or Elements of Econometrics
  • Business Analytics, Applied Modelling and Prediction

Year Three

  • Marketing Management
  • Machine Learning
  • Statistical Methods for Marketing Research
  • Open Choice (any level)

Harness the Power of Complex Data

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